Use Instagram to get more leads 
and sign more closings!

What if:
You could build an Instagram following full of targeted potential leads?

What if:
You could create a pool of people eager to work with you
(and you alone) when they were ready to buy or sell their home?

What if:
You didn't have to constantly "sell" and ask for leads,
but the leads came to you regularly?

The challenge with your customer base in the real estate industry is that their period of interest in your service is relatively small. If your content is ONLY targeting buyers and sellers, your audience has no need for you once their buying/selling process is complete.

Instead of focusing on only the immediate buyers and sellers, I'll teach you how to keep your audience active and engaged at all stages of their journey, including while they're happy home owners, so that when they ARE ready to move on, you're the first person they reach out to.

What You Get:

  • 8 videos that dive deep into Instagram marketing, specifically for those in real estate.
  • A step-by-step process through all aspects of Instagram marketing, from how to set up your profile to attract followers AND drive leads, to how to create content that serves your goals and appeals to your audience, to understanding how to measure your performance for success.
  • All of the videos are available immediately when you purchase so you can dig as deep as you want as quickly as you want.
  • The expertise of a world-renowned Instagram expert who has built this course exclusively for professionals in real estate.

What's Covered In The Videos:

  • Video 1: Understanding the power of Instagram for real estate agents
  • Video 2: The basics of a good Instagram profile
  • Video 3: Deep-dive tactics for a successful Instagram profile
  • Video 4: Content strategies for the Instagram feed
  • Video 5: Hashtag strategies to grow your audience
  • Video 6: Content strategies for Instagram Stories
  • Video 7: How to drive leads and traffic
  • Video 8: Understanding Instagram insights to measure success
  • Bonus: Learn how to create unique videos with InVideo

Jenn Herman:
World's Forefront Blogger

on Instagram Marketing

Why You Want It:

  • You want to use Instagram successfully and don’t want to spend months trying to figure out what works. You are busy running your business and you don’t need to waste time testing the waters of Instagram.
  • You'll learn from the world's forefront blogger on Instagram marketing exactly how and what works on Instagram

I have worked with many realtors as clients and spoken at multiple major real estate conferences. I understand your industry and your unique challenges for marketing. I can show you the exact strategies you need to implement to drive more leads and close more sales.

Who It's For:

  • Real estate professionals! This is designed exclusively for agents, brokers, and teams in the real estate industry.
  • For those who've been told - or who know - they need to be on Instagram but don't know where to start or what works.
  • For those who've been using Instagram for a while but need to get strategic to drive better results.
  • For those who want targeted followers on Instagram who will convert into home sales.

Who It's NOT For:

  • Those who aren't ready or willing to put in the work to apply the tactics and strategies provided.
  • Those who only want to learn about running ads on Instagram. If that's what you're looking for, I highly recommend you check out The Digital Gal, Amanda Robinson (my go-to for ALL things Facebook and Instagram advertising), and her course options:
  • Those looking to build a big following, focused only on how many followers they have, not the quality of those followers as potential clients.

What Others Have Said About Learning From Jenn:

Fantastic, easy to understand and actionable

olivia r.

Jenn's ability to connect on a relatable level kept me captivated from start to finish. Her tips were fantastic, easy to understand and actionable! She also used real-world examples to demonstrate the points she was making and did it all with a demeanor that held my attention.

Able to deliver a wealth of actionable tips

samantha t. 

I found her immediately engaging and quick to the point with lots of excellent tips. She was able to deliver a wealth of actionable tips and advice for Instagram in a short space of time, and I came away feeling inspired!

Jenn is a true expert in Instagram

stuart d. 

Jenn is a true expert in Instagram. She knows her stuff and more importantly how to deliver the message in a relatable way. She will change the way you view social media and give useful, insightful and practical advice that works.

What's It Going To Cost You?

Great question. The Instagram For Real Estate Course is $197.


Jenn Herman is a social media consultant, speaker, and globally recognized Instagram expert. She is the forefront blogger on Instagram marketing and her blog, Jenn’s Trends, has won the title of a Top 10 Social Media Blog over multiple years. She is a sought-after and international speaker providing tips, resources, and training for organizations of all sizes that need to structure their social media strategies.

Her business background includes Administration, Sales, Human Resources, and Marketing and she enjoys bringing all these skills together to help you grow your business. Jenn has been featured in Inc., Fox News, BBC News, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, The Verge, CBS Radio LA, and numerous other podcasts and publications. She is the author of “Instagram for Dummies”, “Instagram for Business for Dummies”, “The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing”, and “Stop Guessing: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Social Media Strategy”.

Jenn has also spoken at numerous conferences around the world and provided webinars for major organizations, including:

  • California Realtors ReImagine! 2019 and 2020
  • CENTURY 21 Canada
  • Social Media Marketing World 2015-2020
  • State of Social (Australia) 2019 and 2020
  • Midwest Digital Marketing Conference 2019 and 2020
  • Multi-Family Social Media Summit 2019

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And many more 

P.S. I've waited YEARS to build a course...

For a couple is because Instagram is always changing and I didn't want to create a course that would get outdated a week after it went live. 

The second reason I waited was because I wanted to give you my best - the best course that would genuinely translate into results for you. 

So, I've been honing these strategies for years, and they work regardless of what tweaks and updates Instagram rolls out and they have been proven to work over and over again so I know this can work for you too! I'm so excited to welcome you to this program and I wish you a ton of success!